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A guest lecture by the co-founder of MindTree Ltd

March 25, 2010

It was a saturday morning.

All of us were burnt out after finishing our internal exams. As we are computer science engineering graduates and we are supposed to keep learning new things, our college CIR team had arranged for a guest lecture by Mr.N.S.Parthasarathy, co-founder of MindTree Ltd.

None of us were in the mood to sit there and listen to him talking. But we had to. And so it began. In the end I was completely surprised by the insight he gave us on the industry and what the IT industry expects from aspiring candidates. A short excerpt from his lecture:

He emphasized of three things: Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.


Knowledge is what we have learnt in our curriculum. Our syllabi. Our four year, eight semester engineering course.


Skill is what we acquire by ourselves when we do that “self-learning”. Our skill-sets show our self-;earning capability. And in the ever-changing field of computer science, self-learning is required to update ourselves.


Attitude is what we show, when we have performed our best in everything we do – learning to gain knowledge and acquiring skills. He says, people who have the “GO GET IT” attitude will succeed.

Then we had a question-answer round. One of my friends asked him the story behind their company logo. The story was quite fascinating.

MindTree Ltd

They started the company around 50 crores of venture capital fund. When they were designing a logo, the had their DNA in their mind – Imgination, Action and Joy. They went to a school for the challenged children in banglore and asked a group of around 10 children to design a logo. A 17 year old boy had designed their logo like this –

Blue color line growning up – Imagination

Red background – Action

Yellow bubbles – Joy

And thus their logo! They wanted to convey a message to the world from their logo – That we can learn a lot even from people like these children. A very noble message indeed. Quite fascinating too. With these, he emphasized more on “keeping ourselves updated” in the ever changing field of technology.

I realized – this saturday morning was fully worth being burnt out.


Blog Inspiration

March 3, 2010

I spend my free time fully on the internet. I hit upon some amazing blogs that inspire people to be creative, independent and confident. There are some blogs which are insanely inspiring. I am inspired to blog from the following blogs:

Chris Guillebeau –×5/

– Chris is a world changer with a mission to visit all countries in the world. I a big fan!

Location 180 –

– Tips on bloggong and marketing.

Upgrade Reality –

– Upgrade your quality of life.

Why do I blog?

March 3, 2010
My First Post
I always wanted to blog. It has taken so long for me to get myself started. And now its happening.
Why do I want to blog?
1. To review and keep track of myself. I want to know how my actions , thoughts, and life change over the time.
2. To express my thoughts to many other people.
3. To establish a identity and have a history of my life.
4. To get contacts from people all around.
5. Help other people who inturn could help.
6. Travel – I love travelling and photography. I want to share my ideas and experiences to people who have a similar passion.
7. Technology and Software- Being a computer science graduate, sharing knowledge and knowledge would connect me with similar people.
8. To learn how to communicate effectively with people. To be clear and concise.
9. To share small tips and tweaks I can discover in everyday life that would make other people’s lives simple and stress-free.
I didn’t want to stop with these 9. I can think of only these at this moment.
I will add new reasons when they strike me.