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Randomness is God

August 8, 2012

What/Who/Where/How/Why is/are God? While the formal definition of God ranges from ‘The creator of the universe’ to ‘An adored, admired, or influential person’,  Wikipedia says, “There is no clear consensus on the nature of God”. Of course, different people have different opinions.

I would define God as Randomness. Or rather, Randomness as God.

Randomness is what is beyond human control. So, is Randomness controlled by Nature? The so called state-of-things; is it predefined to be in the state in that particular dimension? Is it Fate? Is it just coincidence? Is it what is called as Luck?

Or does Randomness actually control Nature to manifest itself?  If so, in what form? Is it in a random form? Or is Randomness a form by itself that we unable to comprehend?



Do we question because we can or because we really want to know? Or do we question despite knowing?

Multitude of questions… Will humanity ever be able to find answers?

We don’t know and we know that. Or do we know and don’t know that?

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