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Workshop on entrepreneurship and leadership

April 19, 2010
I happened to attended a one-day workshop on entrepreneurship and leadership by Mr.Srinivas, the successful personality development coach and trainer. He has a lot of experience with corporates and has trained a lot of people in the industry. My father told me that there was a worsop going on and told me the place. I was interested and started out in the morning. Finding the place of the workshop itself was too tiring. I walked around 3 kilometres under the hot sun to find the place. When I got there, I happened to meet him and was surprised by the kind of person he was and this opportunity to learn.
I will summarize what I learnt.
1. Self Esteem is everything. You can never stop a person from thinking anything about you. But you can think whatever you want to think about yourself. Self Esteem decides who you are at the end of the day. In the end, its the person standing in front of the mirror you have to answer and satisfy.
2. Improve a lot more on your strengths than your weaknesses. A lot of people advise us to improve on our weaknesses so that we can a good person overall. But what he says seems to strike truth. Improve a lot more on your strengths first. Then you’ll become an expert!.
3. Construct your Circle of Excellence. Identify areas that you are interested and become proficient in those circles.
4.There is no failure. Only Feedback. It all depends on how you take the result to be. If you take it as failure, then it becomes a failure. If you take it as feedback, then it gives you a goal and expectation to get the job done better next time.
5. Out-of-Box-Thinking. You need to think differently,identify opportunities in the society around you. And for that, you have to stay in the loop and think out-of-the-box. Basically, different from others. And be ready to be ridiculed by the other people.
6. Communication, Business writing and Presentation Skills are important and will be needed to take you wherever you want to go in life.
7. Interpersonal effectiveness – Analyse people how they think and present information in the way which they find easy to comprehend. There are basically three types how people process information.
1. The Visual type – process information largely through visual input like pictures. These kind of people are usually good in describing environment and the way things look. They have a photographic memory. They usually say “see you” at end of a conversation. They usually speak with a high pitched voice and sound seems to come from a reservoir of air in the high chest.
2. The Auditory type – process information largely through auditory input – hearing. They are good in recording the way things sound and speak with a rhythmic voice. Things need to explained by words to them for them to understand easily. They usually say “talk to you later” or “call once a while” at the end of a conversation.
3. The Kinesthetic type – process information largely through their feelings and their thoughts. They usually say “keep in touch” or “love you” at the end of a conversation. It is hard to convince people of these type. They will be convinced only if they are moved. The usually speak with a low voice. Sound seems to come from their lower abdomen.
So, you need to identify the way they process information and convince them accordingly to be successful in getting your ideas through.
8. Don’t make resolutions. Make commitments. Give the best you can. Be the best you can. Do the best you can. And keep doing it till the end.
9. Keep learning and Updating yourself. Stay ahead by knowing a lot and happenings in your industry or field. Its not merely enough if hold the pulse. You have to be the pulse.
10. Make a lot of connections and contacts wherever possible. Who you know is more important than what you know. You never know when or how opportunities come to you. Having a lot of connections helps spread information on your area of expertise and opportunities
11. Have fun! Enjoy your success. Try not to get burnt out easily.
12. Allocate time for everything and be a good human being.
Srinivasan blogs and gives ideas at
At this point I would like to mention Hugh Macleod, a cartoonist entrepreneur. One of his drawings “Random thoughts on being an entrepreneur”
Entrepreneurship and Leadership by Hugh Macleod
Entrepreneurship and Leadership by Hugh Macleod
Sweating is not a waste after all!
Have a great day!


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  1. CIBI VISHNU permalink
    April 20, 2010 9:36 pm

    gr8 work…

  2. April 22, 2010 12:13 am

    thanks !

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