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Belief in Astrology?

April 13, 2010
I strongly believe that elders have vast experience and knowledge which they had accumulated in their life. Even a small amount of information can be precious and can provoke us to think a lot about it. This particular incident stands to prove the point.

I had much belief in astrology. I used to read the astrology column of the newspaper whenever I had a chance. Once my grandfather happened to visit me one morning. He is around 65 years old. He was reading the newspaper. On the left side column of the newspaper was the astrology part. And as usual I wanted to read it and sat left to him and read it. And as usual, my sign was predicted to be bad that day.

On reading I got upset and I just asked my grandfather casually, “Do you believe in all these?” I asked.

“Why?”, he asked back.

“Well, today its written that its bad for me.”, I said.

“Well, then don’t believe!”, he said.

I was kind of struck.

I asked “But, what if it was written its good for me?”.

“Simple! Believe what is written good for you. Don’t believe if its bad!”.

Then I got it. I can believe whatever pleases me and reject all those that don’t! After all, they’re just predictions. They don’t have anything to do with my life. It’s my life and it’s my choice that day.

I choose to be whoever or whatever or however I want to be this day. Period. No questions asked.

Its my life and its my choice.

Anybody can say anything or predict anything of imagine anything. I cannot stop them from doing it. But I can choose the way I want do things and live my life. (As Victor Frankl says in ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. Anything can be snatched from a man. Anything but the freedom to choose his way of action …)

And from that day, I never read astrological predictions!

Footnote: A lot of choices in life can lead to confusions. As Barry Schwartz says in his book “The Paradox of choice”. At a TED conference, he discusses the advantages of having a lot of choices in life and the disadvantages of it. He says having a lot of choices raises our level of expectations and proves it with a research study.
Have a great day!


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  1. Rams permalink
    September 8, 2010 1:42 pm

    Dear Mano,

    I had the opportunity to see your blog – fantastic work.
    Keep it us – soon I believe to join you.

    All the best…


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