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An Industrial Visit to Infosys, Banglore and an enlightenment by SPARK

April 13, 2010
As part of our four year engineering curriculum, we are supposed to make industrial visits to software companies and gain insight on software engineering and stuff. The visit to Banglore, Mysore and Ooty (too!) was fantastic with our whole class going in two buses. And yes we of course went to Wonderla (a water theme park near Banglore) , KFC, experienced the bustling night life Banglore, much more and had fun.
There is a program in Infosys called SPARK – an initiative to enlighten students and prospective employees of the company. We were briefed by the SPARK team and given a tour of the campus.
There is a centre called PmCoe – Project Management Center of Excellence in Infosys, which has developed a technique called Project Think Approach. This approach involves taking every work as a a project and following certain steps to make it a succes. Basically it summarizes as follows.
1. Identify the objectives.
2. Identify assumptions and constraints.
3. Address those constraints that really count in the end.
4. Identify what needs to be done (the scope).
5. Determine the plan of action.
6. Identify the risks.
7. Anticipate the risks and reduce their effect on the goal.
These seven steps basically form the Project Think Approach. They say that, this approach can be followed anywhere – even in our daily tasks of life.
Overall, the SPARK program and Infosys visit was awesome!
Have a great day!
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